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    • The shot blasting machine used in the automobile industry is mainly to clean the car body or weld seam and strengthen the workpiece. After roughing and shot blasting, the surface has a certain roughness, which makes the coating effect better and improves the overall use life. The strengthening effect is mainly aimed at strengthening the engine crankshaft and other output parts, eliminating internal stress and improving strength.

    • What types of shot blasting machines are usually used in the automotive industry?

    • -Tumble belt shot blasting machine: According to different models, it can clean small workpieces of 150~800kg, suitable for metal parts that are not afraid of collision.

      -Hanger shot blasting machine: Hang the auto parts that need to be cleaned on the hook, and then hoist it into the chamber for shot blasting. The cleaning method is more flexible and suitable for small batch factories.

      -Overhead rail shot blasting machine: multiple hooks, suitable for use with spraying production lines.

      -Roller conveyor shot blasting machine: There are roller type inlet and outlet, suitable for steel structure, steel plate, trailer chassis cleaning.

      Examples of treated products

      Axle Parts

      -Cross Member or Axle Carrier

      -Transverse Control Arm

      -Rear Axle Shaft or Differential Shaft

      -Axle Tube

      -Axle and Axle Parts

      -Steering Knuckle (Cast or Forged)


      -Side Columns and Pillars



      -Brake Drum

      -Brake Disc

      -Brake Calliper


      -Spring Collar or Disc Spring

      -Rubbing Plate

      -Clutch Plate

      -Clutch Housing


      -Engine Block 



      -Oil Sump 


      -Exhaust Manifold 

      -Cylinder Liner


      -Drive shaft, Gear shaft, Reverse Lock,

      -Outer Disc Carrier, Switching Piston Valve Plate,

      -Camshaft Drive Chain Plate, Gear Housing,

      -Parallel Feed Body, Sliding Coupling,

      -Epicyclic Gear, Housing, Central Gear


      -Steering Control Shaft or Gear Rod

      -Steering Wheel


      -Coil Spring

      -Wheel Suspension


      -Rear Axle Shaft Wheel

      -Sliding Joint Housing

      -Sliding Joint Hub

      -Transverse Control Arm

      -Ring Hub

      -Gear Wheel


      -Wheel Rim

      Application pictures of the Automotive industry
      shot-blasting-automotive.jpg shot-blasting-car-Axle.jpgshot-blasting-car-chassis.jpgshot-blasting-disc-brake.jpgshot-blasting-Engine-block.jpgshot-blasting-wheel-rims.jpg



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