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    • Ship Building Steel plate - Pre-heating, blasting, coating, drying The size of metal sections used in the ship building industry presents great challenges for surface preparation and treatment suppliers. Huge quantities of sheet steel, profiles and fabrications have to be cleaned, treated and painted before final assembly. Corrosion protection is of paramount importance.

      When ships are maintained and repaired in dry docks, sections and newly welded seams must be cleaned and given corrosion protection.

    • Examples of treated products

      -Steel plate


      -Flat steel bars

      -ship deck

      -ship body, etc.

      Application pictures of the Shipyards industry
      blasting-solutions-for-shipyards.jpg sandblasting-machine-for-shipyards.jpgsandblasting-room-for-shipyards.jpgshot-blasting-Flat-steel-bars.jpgship-deck-shot-blasting-machine.jpgshot-blasting-steel-plate.jpg



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