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Airblast & Wetblast

Airblast process

The selection of Air Blasting equipment, commonly used for Sand or Shot blasting, involves Dry, Wet, and Soda Blasting or similar processes, where abrasives are blown out of the nozzle by a stream of pressurised air.

The Air Blasting process is a special technique where compressed air forms pneumatic acceleration of abrasive media through the nozzle to the surface. With different abrasive media, size and type of blasting nozzle and various levels of air pressure, controlled impact coverages are achieved on the surface.

Air Blasting techniques

You can choose among the following Air Blasting techniques:

-Pressure Blasting

-Injector (vacuum – siphon) Blasting

-Dustless Blasting

Air blasting can be applied in different ways.

Injector Blasting, where abrasive media is delivered by means of negative pressure into the gun, or Pressure Blasting, where compressed air and abrasive media are mixed within the blasting generator (pressure pot) before delivered through the hose into the nozzle.

Both techniques can also be used in dustless Air Blasting, where blasting media is collected immediately after hitting the surface, preventing dust or media to be released into the atmosphere or open space. In special circumstances, where the surface is very sensitive, Wet Blasting or Soda Blasting is applied. This type of application can often be replaced with a similar Dry Ice/Dry Snow Blasting/Cleaning technique.

Wetblast Process

The Wet Blasting process is a special technique where water, abrasive media and compressed air are mixed and delivered to the surface through the nozzle. It is much softer, gentler and non-aggressive, with a controllable surface impact.

Like Dry Blasting, Wet Blasting machines can also be delivered in different options; from the simple injector to the powerful pressure types that come in a number of variations.

Wet blast machines are often applied in environments where the risk of explosion exists (for blasting titan, magnesium, aluminium alloys, etc.).

Sandblasting Room

Sandblasting room can allow you to improve your facilities blast production and save on blast media costs. sandblasting room can also be costly so it is important to understand all the factors to consider when evaluating a blast room to determine what makes sense for your blasting needs. Evertech takes the time to understand your objectives and will design a solution with you that is best for your needs, highly efficient, and within budget. We will explain what you can expect from sandblasting room ownership and what the ture ongoing costs will be so there are no surprises.

Container Sandblasting Room

Evertech design and manufacture a complete range of standard and custom built blast cleaning rooms and enclosures. With a standard range of containerised blasting rooms in 20 or 40ft, or the option of self-build packages, any size component can be catered for. You can choose a fixed container blasting room or a mobile container blasting room according to your needs.

Portable Sandblasting Machine

Sand Blasting is the most economical and efficient way of preparing surfaces such as metal by removing rust or dirt or other deposits simply with the use of an air compressor. Compressed air provides the fuel for sandblasting machines with forces the abrasive materials to flow with high speeds and hit the surface to remove rust or dirt or other deposits and contaminants.

Manual Dry & Wet Sandblasting Cabinets

Evertech Blast Abrasive Blasting Cabinets are fully assembled, feature molded holders for both lens and gloves, and do not leak. While not always visible, these features make a better product. We offer a complete line of standard and custom cabinets to address the most demanding surface preparation requirements. Whether you want to clean, etch, sculpt, deburr, finish or peening.

Dustless Blaster

Dustless blaster equipment employs a mixture of water, air, and abrasive to clean and remove surface contaminants and coatings, providing a clean surface with no clinging dust. Low Volume DB150, DB225 dustless blaster For small jobs or the extreme hobbyist. Commercial DB500, DB800 dustless blaster Suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial blasting jobs. Industrial DB1500, DB3000 dustless blaster The biggest machines for the biggest jobs.


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