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Shot Blasting Machine

What is shot blasting?

Shot blasting is a mechanical surface treatment process. It uses the centrifugal force of the blast turbines of the shot blasting machine during high-speed rotation to project the steel shot at a high speed to the surface of the metal steel, causing collision and blow plays the role of grinding, removing rust and other impurities on the metal surface, and the metal surface produces a certain degree of roughness.  Commonly used shot blasting machine types include tumble belt shot blasting, roller conveyor shot blasting machine, hanger shot blasting machine, floor shot blaster, overhead rail shot blasting machine etc.

The shot blasting process is a closed operation, which will avoid the situation of dust flying and polluting the air. This shot blasting process is almost used in most fields of machinery, such as shipbuilding, auto parts, aircraft parts, guns Industries such as tank surface, bridge, steel structure, glass, steel plate profile, pipe inner and outer wall anti-corrosion and even road surface.

According to your different blasting materials and blasting effect requirements, we also provide customized production of shot blasting machine. Whether it is the machine parts selection or machine processing size, we are committed to satisfying your diverse processing needs with the highest price/performance ratio. With an annual export volume of over 200 units, the shot blasting machine from Evertech is definitely the first choice for your blasting industry.

Why to choose our shot blasting machine?

-Customized production can save you 30% of additional procurement costs.

-International top brand accessories to ensure your higher productivity and increase profit margin by 40%. 

-Professional product and operational training, reducing operating error rate by 80%. 

-Perfect after-sales service can help you avoid any worries in the use of the machine. 

Safe operation

1. It is forbidden to operate the shot blasting machine without protective equipment.

2. When adding or recovering steel shot, the dust removal fan, horizontal screw, bucket elevator and vertical screw must be turned on first.

3. Periodically turn on the dust removal pulse back blow to remove dust. Extend the dust-removing pulse back-blowing time for 30 minutes after shutdown.

4. It is forbidden to continuously turn on each control switch in a short interval. Prevent the instrument from being burnt due to excessive current.

5. Regularly check the wear and tear of various wear parts, and regularly clean up the garbage at the filter and steel shot supply valve.

6. During the hoisting process, do not put your body under the component, try to avoid the direction of the component falling, and pay attention to the safety of hoisting.

7. Pay attention to slips and falls

Roller conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine is built to clean large workpieces, such as steel plates, profiles, I and H beams, welding parts and constructions. This type of shot blasting machine are mostly used for descaling, derusting, paint removal, paint preparation, deburring and general surface preparation prior welding, cutting, machining and burning operations.

Pipes Shot Blasting Machine

Pipes shot blasting machine is designed for processing of tubes/pipes, round bars, round sections, gas steel bottles and other cylindrical elements external surfaces. Shotblasting process allows easier and faster cutting and welding of steel semi-finished products with clean surface, multiple increases in durability of surface-protective applications as coating, painting and enamelling.

Hanger Shot Blasting Machine

Hanger shot blasting machine is typically designed to handle mixed loads of medium and large components, which often include fragile and sensitive parts that cannot be tumbled in bulk loads. HB shot blasting machines are ideal for heavy and complex shaped object items. Parts can weight from 1 kg to 50,000 kg or more, manufactured in smaller, medium, heavy series.

Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machine

Rotary table shot blast machine is used for shot blasting of various part shapes and dimensions, casts and forged parts, pressed parts, steel and non-ferrous metal parts and parts made from fragile materials. Shot blast machine type RT does cleans surface, desand casting, consolidate the surface (micro handling), roughing the surface before painting, etc. Rotary table blasting machines are especially suitable for use in small series and individual part production.

Tumblast & Drum Shot Blasting Machine

Batch type shot blasting machine mainly blast cleaning and decoring of tumble-proof castings (grey, ductile and malleable iron, steel) in batches. Descaling of forgings. Gentle tumbling of parts.This machine can easily be integrated in continuous production lines due to its unique design. Common types: tumble belt shot blasting machine, drum shot blasting machine, barrel shot blasting machine.

Preservation lines

Preservation lines is used for protection of sheet metal and sections with a thin layer of basic coating in the storage and processing phase, and for basic colour application before final colour application. Preservation line in general includes hydraulic loading device, conveyor, pre-heating chamber, shot blasting machine, dust collector, basic colouring chamber, conveyor and a hydraulic unloading device. If technological needs require it, the line may be incorporated into other lines, which combine following operations: levelling, cutting, welding, final colouring, etc.

Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine

Wire Mesh Belt shot blast systems are designed to provide a high throughput for a variety of product sizes and shapes. This proven continuous in-line shot blast cleaning system is available in standard and custom Designs. This system is ideal for deburring, general cleaning, descaling and deflashing and is equipped with 2- 16 blast turbines, depending on your cleaning and production requirements. Wire Mesh Belt blasting equipment is installed to reduce operating costs since the blast cleaning process can be easily integrated into a production line, for fully automatic product flow.

Wire rod, Bar, Billets Shot Blasting Machine

Evertech manufactures shot blasting machines for continuous in-line descaling and batch type (coil) shotblasting machines for the iron and steel industry. The continuous blast machines are designed for descaling wire rods, bars, or Billets at high throughput speeds (200 meters/min.) in line with the wire drawing machine. The batch type shot blasters descale coils of wire rod up to 2500 kg at a time. The procedure may take from 7 to 20 minutes depending on the diameters of rod to be processed.

Concrete Block, Pavers Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting machine with wire mesh conveyor or rubber belt conveyor or roller conveyor for processing of marble, granite, cement, natural stone products. Pieces are placed on the conveyor system, manually or by automatic loading devices, and conveyed to the blasting chamber (where are installed 2, 4 or more turbines, depending on the type of machine) for blasting.

Wheel Rims Shot Blasting Machine

The aluminum alloy wheel shot blasting machine blast cleaning the original wheel surface to remove the rust layer, welding slag and oxide scale on the aluminum alloy wheel that can obtain a uniform metallic luster, so as to improve the quality and Anti-corrosion effect. You can choose an efficient automatic shot blasting machine or an economical manual sandblasting machine according to your own situation.

Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine

There are three models of shot blasting machines for blast cleaning cylinders, skew roll conveyor shot blasting machine, hanger shot blasting machine, continuous overhead rail shot blasting machine, you can choice the suitable shot blasting machine according to your production capacity. Skew roll shot blasting machine can process LPG Cylinders are fed into the work cabinet on dia-bola rollers. The cylinders rotate while moving forward and shot blasted inside the blast chamber. The various capacities of machine to suit different sizes of LPG Cylinders can be manufactured. Overhead conveyor type shot blasting machine to clean the cylinders, after blasting the cylinders are conveyed to metal spray booth on the same conveyor for metal coating.

Floor Shot Blaster

Floor shot blaster is a process that removes old coatings from concrete or steel surfaces and prepares them for new coatings to be put down. Shot Blasting is one of the main types of Surface Preparation. Surface Preparation is the process of texturing a surface so that a coating or topping adheres properly. Shot Blasting is capable of being effective in many Surface Preparation situations. One area that Shot Blasting may not be most effective is when there is an elastic or rubber-like coating that needs to be removed. In most cases, Shot Blasters are one of the best tools that a Surface Prep Contractor can use to achieve effective concrete and steel preparation.

Continuous Shot Blasting Machines

Batch type tumblast machines process parts batch by batch, in a stop-start operation, and continuous tumblast machines pass the parts through the machine and onto the next process in the operation. Continuous material flow with consistent blasting performance, With their clearly arranged and space-saving designs, throughfeed systems provide smooth workflow and short transport distances without intermediate storage of the parts or operator interContinuous Shot Blasting Machines, Continuous tumble belt shot blasting machine, Continous Rocker Barrel shot blasting machineaction, and can therefore offer the potential to reduce operating costs.


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