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Blast Media & Abrasives

Abrasive blasting is the general term applied to finishing processes that entail the high-pressure propulsion of a stream of abrasive material onto the surface of a workpiece. Abrasive blasting can serve many surface finishing purposes, such as removing contaminants or previous coatings, altering the shape and smoothing or roughening the surface.

There are many types of abrasive blasting applications, each of which requires the use of different types of blasting materials, referred to as blasting “media.” 

Common Types Are As Follows

-Glass Beads Blast Media

-Aluminum Oxide Blast Media

-Glass Beads/Aluminum Oxide Blast Media

-Ground Glass Blast Media

-Garnet Blast Media

-Coal Slag Blast Media

-Soda Blast Media

-Corn Cob Blast Media

-Silicon Carbide Blast Media

-Walnut Shells Blast Media

-Steel Grit Media

-Steel Shot Blast Media

-Stainless Steel Shot Blast Media

Metallic Blast Media

Steel, iron, aluminium and brass are formed into pellets or cut wire for cleaning, derusting / descaling and peening applications. Include: High carbon cast steel shot, low carbon cast steel shot, Chilled iron grit, steel grit, cut wire and conditioned cut wire, stainless steel shot

Plastic Blast Media

Plastic abrasive is characterized as a less aggressive media than most other abrasives making it ideally suited for blasting on softer substrates and commonly used for the deflashing of plastic components, mold cleaning, the removal and cleaning of anti-corrosion coatings, hydrocarbon deposits, waxes, adhesives, and sealants. High durability, Free of Silica, no residual deposits results in a highly effective cost effective media choice.

Glass Bead Media

Available in a wide range of sizes, glass beads are one of the most popular blast media used in abrasive blast cabinets today. Glass bead media is an all-purpose media used for honing, polishing, peening, blending, finishing, removing light burrs, frosting glass and cleaning most light foreign matter. Additionally, glass beads blasting can remove paint, rust, scale and surface residues. As a result, glass bead material generally will not change dimensional tolerances and can detect weld and solder flaws. Glass beads are typically consumed at a slow rate in bead blasting equipment. Additionally, they also survive multiple impacts, and thus can be recycled several times. Glass beads, made of recycled glass. Therefore, they are chemically inert. Thus the leave no ferrous or other undesirable residue on the prepared surface. When used properly, glass beads leave a controlled and clean finish on the prepared surface. We offer the following grit sizes: 40-60,60-100,100-170,170-325

Aluminum Oxide Blast Media

Aluminum oxide blast media have excellent wear characteristics, chemical resistance, compressive strength, high-temperature properties, and dielectric strength. They are used widely because of their versatility and low cost. Their main drawback is its relatively poor thermal-shock resistance due to higher coefficients of thermal expansion and lower thermal conductivity (compared to other pure ceramic materials).

Ceramic Bead

Ceramic beads are designed for use with a wide range of substrates, including hard steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, brass, copper and plastics. Ceramic beads perform efficiently in dry or wet pressure blasting systems as well as in wheel turbine blasting equipment.


Garnet Grit is a used for a wide variety of blasting applications. Used in both dry and wet abrasive blasting, Garnet Grit offers high performance and recyclability. The hardness and bulk density make this media ideal for general purpose surface preparation. Garnet is a sub-rounded to angular blasting media used in medium to heavy metal and coatings removal application. Additionally, garnet features a strong grain structure that allows it to be recycled for multiple blasting uses.


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