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    • Sanding and descaling of die-cast components are some of the highest requirements for surface finishing. Whether cast iron, steel, aluminum, zinc or magnesium or plastic: The comprehensive portfolio of Evertech blasting and mass finishing systems for the foundry industry enables the optimal process for any requirement. The selection of the right system depends on the production method and production flow as well as the type, quantity and size of the components. 

    • Light-weight castings (sand, gravity, die-cast) need appropriately designed desanding, deburring and surface preparation technologies. This is reflected in the range of Evertech shot blast systems available for light metal castings.

    • The right machine for your process will depend upon the complexity of the casting, your production method, part size and number and product flow. Contact us to discuss your application.

    • Examples of treated products

      -Casting irons (disks, hubs, pumps, valves, components for earth moving machines, basement of tooling and textile machines, street furniture, oil & gas sector, shipyard and railway sectors, etc.)

      -Steel castings (automotive sector, agricultural, military and shipyard machines, machines for earth movements, etc.)

      -Brass castings (taps and fittings, valves, hydro-thermo-sanitary components).

      -Aluminium castings (Aluminium gravity shell castings, wheels, automotive sector, etc.)

      -Bronze castings

      -Copper castings

      -Non ferrous castings,etc.

      Application pictures of the Casting, Forging industry
      Shot-blasting-machine-for-castings.jpg Shot-blasting-machine-for-Bronze-castings.jpgShot-blasting-machine-for-Aluminium-gravity-shell-castings.jpgShot-blasting-machine-for-Engine-blocks.jpgShot-blasting-machine-for-Sewer-covers.jpgShot-blasting-machine-for-valves.jpg



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