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Quality Assurance

A strict quality management system is spread throughout the entire production line. We strictly control all aspects of purchase, design, assembly, testing, packaging and transportation. Especially in the assembly and testing stages, each machine must pass more than 160 functional tests to make the machine run efficiently and steadily in a variety of environments. What we do is to ensure the performance and quality of each machine.

    • 01. Purchasing stage

      Strictly follow the procurement plan and procedure, strictly control the manufacturers of the components like guide, rail, rack, motor and electrical components. We directly cooperate with international imported parts manufacturers to prevent any unqualified products from appearing in the factory.

    • 02. Design stage

      Professional mechanical design and automation engineers, based on the frontier of technology to focus on discovering the beauty of machinery. Each machine will be performed scientific calculations and electrical planning based on the processed materials to realize the most reasonable industrial beauty.

    • 03. Assembly stage

      All parts of the assembly process must be under strict quality control including head, beam and bed assembly.

    • 04. Inspection stage

      The inspection process is also an extremely important part of the whole production process, which mainly includes milling, mesa and inspection. In particular, in terms of inspection, we will check the functions of emergency stop, spray, brush, air pressure detection, water tank and lubrication system according to the customer's order requirements to ensure the best performance of the whole machine.

    • 05. Packing and delivery

      After the machine passes the various tests, it enters the package delivery process. We will wipe the machine and make a suitable wooden box according to the specific size of the machine.



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