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    • Shot blasting or surface preparation is not always used for cleaning, polishing or strengthening, and the materials being blasted are not always metal. 

      The finishes achieved on concrete blocks can be purely aesthetic. Once treated, the concrete supplier can sell his product at a much higher price, and to a wider market as the concrete is more attractive and can be used in more domestic and commercial build projects.

      Alternatively, the concrete can be given a finish to improve the way it works - to make it smoother, or to make it easier to coat, for example. 

      Examples of treated products


      -Concrete blocks

      -Marble tiles, granite, natural stone products

      -Edges and granite elements

      -Tiles made of cement aggregate

      -Self-blocking tiles made of cement aggregate

      -Cement prefabricated panels and components

      -Garden & Patio Garden & Patio Stones

      Application pictures of the Marble and Cement Industry
      Marble-shot-blasting-machine-1.jpg pavers-shot-blasting-machine-evertech-1.jpgstone-edge-kerbs-shot-blasting-machine-evertech-1.jpgConcrete-blocks-shot-blasting-machine-evertech-1.jpggranite-shot-blasting-machine-evertech-1.jpgGarden-stone-shot-blasting-machine-evertech-1.jpg



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