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  • Steel Fabrication
    • Shot blasting machine/sandblasting equipment for removing mill scale and rust, and for profiling the surface of fabricated steel parts in preparation for protective coatings.

      For descaling steel shapes, flats and fabrications, Evertech has designed and delivered automated airblast and wheelblast solutions, including Roller Conveyor blast machines, Hanger type/Monorail blast machines, Bogie Table/Work Car blast systems, Skew Roll blast machines, plate and structural steel Preservation Lines, manual Blast rooms, and dust collector ventilation systems.

    • Examples of treated products

      -Steel structural works for industrial and civil buildings (sheds, bridges, viaducs, stadium, warehouses, gangways, ladders, platforms, etc.)

      -Steel plate


      -H beams

      -Flat steel bars


      -Round tube





      -Square-Pipe, etc.

      Application pictures of the steel fabrication industry
      shot-blasting-steel-structure-1.jpg shot-blasting-Anglesteel.jpgshot-blasting-beams.jpgshot-blasting-Flat-steel-bars.jpgshot-blasting-pipes.jpgshot-blasting-steel-plate.jpg



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