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Dust Collector

Dust collectors are the most effect way to capture and collect the particles of abrasive media and contaminate that become airborne during the blasting process. Evertech dust collection experts will recommend the size and configuration that is best for each application including hood position, inlet type, and filter cartridges. Special accommodations are required if the blasted material is explosive, flammable, corrosive or toxic. 

Capture Dust From All Types of Blasting

-Wheel blasters

-Air blasters

-Cabinet blasters

-Blasting rooms


-Plastic media blasting

-Abrasive blasting


Dust Collection System Advantages

-Modular design for flexibility.

-Heavy duty construction.

-Powder coat paint inside and outside for durable resistance to corrosion.

-Vertical cartridge design for efficient pulsing of dust and efficient cleaning.

-Easy access door with no knobs to lose or drop, no threads to bind, mechanically attached seal.

-Automatic timer control filter cleaning.

-Energy efficient premium fan motor.

-Complete set of high performance filter cartridges.

-Drum cover kit.

Dust Collector with Bag Filters

The dust-laden airflow enters the ash collecting hopper through the air duct, and part of the coarse particle dust falls into it by inertia. The remaining exhaust gas dust is filtered by the filter bag and enters the upper box, and then is discharged into the atmosphere by the induced draft fan through the exhaust duct. After the dust collector runs for a period of time, the dust layer collected on the outer surface of the cloth bag thickens, and the running resistance of the dust collector rises. When a certain value is increased, it is necessary to clean the cloth bag, that is, to remove the dust on the outer surface of the cloth bag through external force. The dust is removed. The entire dust removal process is mainly carried out by compressed air. When the resistance rises and dust removal is required, the controller opens the pulse valve through instructions, and the cloth bag deforms under the action of the compressed air, so that it can remove the dust attached to the outer surface of the cloth bag. purpose.

Dust Collector with Cartridge Filters

The vertical design of Evertech cartridge-type dust collectors maximizes the filtration efficiency of these cartridges, while minimizing the maintenance required on horizontal design cartridges. Indeed, cartridges mounted horizontally lose up to 30% of their filtration capabilities due to dust accretion at the bottom cavity of the media, and for this reason, horizontally-mounted cartridges must be rotated periodically in order to maximize their performance and durability. This is not the case for vertically-mounted cartridges, since they allow dust to fall freely down to the bottom of the dust collector without altering their filtering efficiency.


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