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    • The aerospace industry has high requirements for its parts, not only requiring light parts, but also requiring them to withstand extreme loads in extremely harsh environments. With the help of protecting the surface of parts from external damage and prolonging fatigue life, Evertech's super-precision shot blasting machine, shot peening machine can improve the overall performance of the parts. Most parts used in the aerospace industry, whether it is aircraft skeletons, engines, landing gears, driving devices, and transmission parts (gears/bearings), require surface blasting and shot blasting technology to meet the performance indicators of their materials.

      A solution for super-precision surface sandblasting of aircraft engine components (blades, gears, bearings) and their composite materials-from the professional team of Evertech.

    • Examples of treated products

      -Turbine blades


      -Frame components

      -Chassis components

      -Aerospace paint removal


      Application pictures of the steel fabrication industry
      shot-blasting-aircraft-Turbine-blades.jpg shot-blasting-aircraft-Blisks.jpgshot-blasting-aircraft-Frame-components.jpgshot-blasting-aircraft-Chassis components.jpg



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