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    • In order to ensure the quality of the passenger train and prolong its service life, it is necessary to regularly shot blasting to strengthen the relevant parts of the train

    • Shot blasting machine mainly cleans train parts and accessories (the model can be selected according to the size, complexity and quantity of the parts to be processed). The sandblasting room is mainly used to clean the train body.

    • Examples of treated products

      -Train body

      -Shock absorber

      -Railway Axle

      -Railway wheel

      -Coil Spring 

      -Train engine

      -Crankshaft, etc.

      Application pictures of the steel fabrication industry
      shot-blasting-Crankshaft.jpg shot-blasting-railway-body.jpgshot-blasting-railway-wheels.jpgshot-blasting-Shock-absorber.jpgshot-blasting-train-engine.jpgshot-peening-coil-springs.jpg



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