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Leaf Spring Shot Blasting Machine

From a design point of view, the leaf spring (elliptical spring) enables simple and cost-effective wheel suspension. This type of spring is mainly used in trucks, off-road vehicles and vans. The surfa

Model Type EWB
Price Negotiation
Rating 4.0 /5 based on 28 ratings and reviews
Operation Method Automatic
Brand name Evertech
Place of Origin Qingdao, China
Certification CE, ISO, UL
Process Continuous
Industry Light/Medium
Delivery Time Within 12 weeks

Product Description

The machine

From a design point of view, the leaf spring (elliptical spring) enables simple and cost-effective wheel suspension. This type of spring is mainly used in trucks, off-road vehicles and vans. The surface usually has to be de-scaled and hardened. Pre-stressing may also be required.

Wire mesh belt shot blasting machine excellent for all-round, complete and continuous blasting treatment of flat as well as voluminous and very complex components.

Wire Mesh Belt shot blast systems are designed to provide a high throughput for a variety of product sizes and shapes. This proven continuous in-line shot blast cleaning system is available in standard and custom Designs.  This system is ideal for deburring, general cleaning, descaling and deflashing and is equipped with 2- 16 shot blast wheels, processing widths ranging from 400 mm to 1600 mm, depending on your cleaning and production requirements.  Wire Mesh Belt blasting equipment is installed to reduce operating costs since the blast cleaning process can be easily integrated into a production line, for fully automatic product flow.


-Foundry Castings


-Die Casting

-Heat Treated Parts

-Aluminum Alloy Castings



-Automotive Parts

Features and benefits

-Uniform blast cleaning effect, perfectly clean castings

-Adjustable blasting intensity to suit different types of castings

-In-line operation, continuous blast cleaning

-Clearly arranged manufacturing sequences

-Improved manufacturing consistency

-Short transport distances (no intermediate storage)

-Reduced operating costs

-The machine consist of „ready-to-operate“ modules which can easily be transported and mounted

Key Parts Introduction

  • Wire mesh belt

    -Angled, parallelogram-shaped teeth fit perfectly into the Precision mesh opening, providing a natural self-cleaning action.

    -The stable, flat surface avoids tippage and reduces product damage, especially with delicate products.

    -Proprietary manufacturing process reduces belt elongation, improves tracking, and lengthens belt life.

  • High performance blast wheel

    Lower finishing time

    up to 77% higher blasting power and freeing up of new capacity.

    Low energy consumption

    up to 25% cost savings and fulfillment of important environmental guidelines.

    Low consumption of consumables

    up to 30% cost savings on abrasives and replacement parts.

  • Electrical control cabinet

    -Using Siemens PLC and touch screen

    -Using Delta or BEST converters

    -Use CHINT or Schneider brand low-voltage electrical components

    -Using shot blasting time controller

    -Using ADE aerodynamic components

    -Flow detection ammeter


    -1 set of special constant temperature air conditioning (optional)

  • Elevator system

     -The elevator is used to lift the steel shots recovered by the screw pusher into the separator and silo.

    -The elevator is made of precisely welded steel plates and can be disassembled in segments. Maintenance and inspection windows are provided for easy maintenance.

    -A drive and deceleration motor is located at the top of the hoist, which acts as the power source of the elevator.

    -The system consists of two precision-machined hubs, one hoist case, one high-performance wear-resistant belt and several alloy hoists formed by one stamping process.


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