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Rotary Drum Shot Blasting Machine

Rotary drum shot blasting machine is suitable for surface rust removal of work pieces in medium or small quantity batch production with many varieties.

Model Type Q31
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Rating 4.0 /5 based on 28 ratings and reviews
Operation Method Manual
Brand name Evertech
Place of Origin Qingdao, China
Certification CE, ISO, UL
Process Batch
Industry Light/Medium
Delivery Time Within 6 weeks

Product Description

Rotary Drum Shot Blasting Machine Application

The high-speed blast wheel throws the abrasive to the continuous tumbling castings or forgings in barrel, to remove the greensand or scales on the surface. It cleans evenly and its productivity is high, so it is suitable for cleaning the small work pieces whose weight are under 30KG in medium or small-scale casting or forging workshops.

As the machine has individual dust-collecting device, the installation spot is not limited by the ventilation pipelines in workshops. The cleaning condition is fine. The machine is equipped with auto-stop device, so it is convenient to operate.

Rotary Drum Shot Blasting Machine Working process

Put the cleaning work piece into the barrel and close the end-cover, and then adjust the cleaning time. First, move the semi-nut needle to the desired position, and then start the machine in turn.

After the barrel rotating, the helical ribs on the protecting board tumble the castings continuously, to make each surface cleaned evenly. Through the hole , the abrasive flows into the middle-wall, then through the screw belt conveying to the box-shaped frame , via elevator carrying to the top of the separator. Screen such big core-sand and burrs, etc, the small sand, dust and abrasive are carried away by the airflow. The integrity shot flows into the blast wheels for continuous usage.




Key Parts Introduction

  • Rotary Drum 

    Rotary Drum Is cast in one piece protected by high manganese steel inside. 

    Load Work Pieces Into rotary drum. And motors will drive drum rotating with work pieces.

  • Blasting Chamber

    Blasting Wheel 

    Mounted at end of blasting chamber.

    Hot Area

    Protected by high manganese steel.


    Manual type with interlock.

  • Dust Collector System


    To suck dust from blasting chamber through pipes.

    Gravity Dust Collector

    To catch big particle size dust by gravity as first sate dust collection.


    85% dust will be collected. Clear and healthy working environment in workshop.

    Bag Type Dust Collector As second state dust collection is optional. 99.9% dust collection rate is for this type.(Q3113BII, Q3110BII)

  • High performance blast wheel

    Lower finishing time

    up to 77% higher blasting power and freeing up of new capacity.

    Low energy consumption

    up to 25% cost savings and fulfillment of important environmental guidelines.

    Low consumption of consumables

    up to 30% cost savings on abrasives and replacement parts.


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