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What is a mobile telescopic | retractable paint booth?

What is a mobile retractable paint booth? How does a mobile retractable paint booth work? This article will introduce you in detail:


What is a mobile retractable paint booth?

The mobile telescopic spray painting booth is a spray painting room developed to solve the difficulty of moving and transporting larger workpieces. In use, the length of the telescopic room can be adjusted according to the actual space occupied by the workpiece. Compared with the traditional fixed painting room, it can effectively save space, improve the utilization efficiency of the site, facilitate the running of the workpiece to the designated painting area, and provide a good space for collecting the exhaust gas generated in the painting work.

Mobile retractable painting booth working principle

Zitu telescopic mobile spray booth is a special environmental spray booth equipment that can automatically open to form a closed or semi-closed environmental spray booth when in use, and shrink and close to a place when not in use. It is an integration of advanced spray booth design concepts and technologies, and is widely used. The retractable painting room is a practical environment-friendly painting room specially developed to solve the difficulty of moving and transporting larger workpieces. It can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the size of use to reduce the occupation of the working place. There is no need for a special mobile platform for equipment, and only the driving of the supporting workshop can be used for turnover of the workpiece.


Mobile retractable paint booth application industry

Retractable mobile painting room should be mainly deployed in heavy machinery, shipbuilding, steel structure, boiler, aerospace, military and other industries. The painting workpiece has the following characteristics: heavy, shaped, very long, very high.

Mobile paint booth process flow

1. Preparatory work: contraction and closure of the anterior chamber;

2. Workpiece preparation: the workpiece is moved into the designated area;

3. Spray painting preparation: Expand and move the front chamber to spray the workpiece;

4. Painting completion: contraction and closure of the front chamber;

5, painting completion: the workpiece moved out of the designated work site;


Mobile retractable spray booth equipment features

1, the telescopic painting room is specially designed to solve the difficulty of moving large workpieces and developed practical products, painting area can be adjusted according to the size of the output, make full use of the production site and operating space;

2, the use of telescopic mobile painting room in the production process greatly simplified the continuous use of workshop crane to lift large heavy workpieces to turnover process; Without the need for special means of transport; The expansion length can be at any position;

3, the telescopic mobile painting room as a whole frame transmission structure, each group of frames are flame retardant PVC cloth sealing connection, fast installation, beautiful appearance, compact structure, easy to use, low manufacturing cost, saving investment;

4, the work of the house along the ground laid track before and after telescopic movement, the use of two sides respectively driven, interlocking mode of operation, front and rear safety limit control, mechanical operation is safe and stable, simple operation, easy to use;

5, the work area is installed with explosion-proof lighting, which can meet the lighting needs in production;

6, according to the actual production needs of customers customized various models of non-standard size;

7, in the working hours without the painting process, the front room can be closed together to save space for other cross-work processes with painting;

8, can be selected a variety of spray painting air purification equipment (such as: water curtain spray room, no pump water curtain spray room, dry spray room); Suitable for all kinds of customer needs;

9, optional heating air supply system and auxiliary drying room device, its unique structure and adaptability so that it can meet the functional requirements of product production;

10, mobile chamber pre-assembly degree is high, fast site construction;

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