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Various types and uses of shot blasting machines

Shot blasting machine is a device that cleans and removes rust on metal surfaces, also known as a rust remover, cleaning machine, or sanding machine. There are different types of shot blasting machines, and their scope of application is also different. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction!

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine: the roller conveyor shot blasting machine is mainly used to clean and strengthen the surface of steel structural weldments, H-beams, steel plates, steel pipes, and other types of steel. Commonly used industries include surface rust removal in railway vehicles, engineering machinery, bridge manufacturing, and other industries. This equipment can quickly clean the surface of workpieces, improve their smoothness, and thus improve the coating quality of workpieces, It has been welcomed by many workpiece processing industries.

Hook type shot blasting machine: The hook type shot blasting machine is suitable for surface cleaning or strengthening treatment of small and medium-sized castings and forgings in industries such as casting, construction, chemical, motor, machine tools, etc. Especially suitable for surface cleaning and shot blasting strengthening of castings, forgings, aluminum alloy castings, and steel structural components with multiple varieties and small batches, to remove a small amount of sand, sand cores, and oxide skin on the surface of the workpiece; It is also suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening of heat treated parts; Especially suitable for cleaning slender and thin-walled parts that are not suitable for collision.


Tumble belt shot blasting machine: tumble belt shot blasting machine is widely used for surface cleaning of small and medium-sized batch workpieces, with excellent performance and reliable quality. Due to its fast, efficient, and thorough cleaning, it is an ideal equipment for cleaning residual sand on the surface of various batches of medium and small castings, as well as for cleaning the surface oxide skin of forgings and heat treated parts.

Wire mesh belt type shot blasting machine: the wire mesh belt type shot blasting machine is a new type of specialized equipment designed and manufactured according to user requirements. It is a functional shot blasting cleaning equipment for cleaning disc shaped, sheet shaped, casting, body, and structural components. It can apply strong shot blasting to the original state of steel and casting surfaces, remove rust layers, welding slag, and oxide skin on them, and obtain a uniform and consistent metallic luster to improve the coating quality and anti-corrosion effect of steel. The mesh belt blasting machine is mainly used in the automotive, aerospace, railway, and mechanical manufacturing industries.

Tunnel shot blasting machine: tunnel shot blasting machine can be used for surface cleaning or strengthening of small and medium-sized castings and forgings in industries such as light industry machinery, construction machinery, engineering machinery, mining machinery, pressure vessels, automobiles, ships, construction, chemical engineering, motors, machine tools, etc., to improve the appearance quality and surface process status of product components.

Overhead rail shot blasting machine: the overhead rail shot blasting machine is very suitable for large-scale cleaning of various easily hanging parts. The cleaning effect is particularly good for engine cylinder head, motor casing, gears, motorcycle engine casing, locomotive hook yoke components, bogie components, hardware tool casing, water pump, etc. The suspension chain shot blasting machine is an ideal choice for industries such as automobiles, tractors, diesel engines, motors, valves, etc.

Steel pipe shot blasting machine: The steel pipe shot blasting machine is suitable for continuous shot blasting treatment of the external surface of batches of steel pipes before welding or coating, thoroughly removing rust, oxide skin, and other dirt. It is an expert in pipeline cleaning, mainly used for shot blasting and strengthening of steel pipes, seamless pipes, galvanized pipes, petroleum pipelines, chemical pipelines, anti-corrosion pipelines, natural gas pipelines, wind towers, towers, wind power towers, and other steel pipes.

Rotary table shot blasting machine: The rotary table shot blasting machine is mainly suitable for the production of surface cleaning of small and medium-sized workpieces, and can be used for engine connecting rods, gears, diaphragm springs, etc. The rotary table shot blasting machine refers to the process of cleaning the rust and dirt on the surface of the workpiece through shot blasting, improving the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, preventing deformation and fatigue of the workpiece in subsequent working conditions, and causing unnecessary troubles such as shortened service life.

Rotary barrel type shot blasting machine: rotary barrel type shot blasting machine has an efficient and uniform cleaning effect, using a unique drum shaking structure. During shot blasting, the drum not only rotates but also shakes up and down, so the product inside the drum is completely stirred, achieving a uniform cleaning effect. The shot blasting chamber of the inclined drum type shot blasting machine adopts a unique structure, which can clean general castings and forgings, and even small and special parts can be processed without damage.

Wire Shot Blasting Machine: The wire shot blasting machine combines the advantages of no acid washing, environmental protection, energy conservation, high efficiency, and convenient use. Its main function is to remove oxide skin, oil scale, and rust on the surface of the wire without acid washing, achieving good cleaning effect on the surface of the wire. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of eliminating internal stress in the wire, improving the fatigue strength of the wire surface, and extending its service life, Eliminated the pollution caused by wire pickling and rust removal to the environment and the harm caused to human bodies.



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