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Some basic knowledge about hook type shot blasting machines

Hook type shot blasting machine is a commonly used shot blasting equipment, which consists of a frame, shot blasting chamber, shot blasting wheel, unloading device, spray gun, control system, and other parts.  The working principle of the hook type shot blasting machine is to hang the workpiece to be treated on the hook, and then send it into the shot blasting room.  It starts the shot blasting wheel to generate high-speed rotation, and sprays the shot blasting agent driven by air pressure or motor onto the surface of the workpiece to remove the oxide layer, oil stain, and rust on the surface, making it smooth and uniform.


When using a hook type shot blasting machine, the following points should be noted:

1.  Ensure that the shot blasting material is dry.  Shot blasting materials containing too much moisture can cause water vapor to be generated, which affects the shot blasting effect.

2.  When carrying out shot blasting operations, it is necessary to ensure that the shot blasting materials and molds are dry.  If they both contain moisture, it can cause shot blasting failure or generate water vapor, which affects the shot blasting effect.

3.  Ensure that the steel shot size of the shot blasting material is moderate, as steel shot that are too large or too small can affect the shot blasting effect.

4.  During the operation process, attention should be paid to the operating status of the equipment and the processing effect of the workpiece, and parameters should be adjusted in a timely manner to ensure the processing quality.

5.  Regularly maintain and repair the equipment, such as replacing the shot blasting head and shot blasting tank, cleaning the shot blasting pipeline, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

In addition, the hook type shot blasting machine has some characteristics, such as simple structure, convenient operation, and long service life, which make it widely used in the metal surface treatment industry.



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