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Large Tanks, Pipes Sand Blasting Room for Sale

With the continuous development of industry, sandblasting rooms have been widely used in many industries. Sandblasting room is a closed sandblasting equipment that can perform sandblasting treatment indoors, thereby avoiding environmental pollution and harm to human health. The mechanical recovery sandblasting room uses scraper mechanical methods to recover heavy steel sand and steel wire cutting abrasives. Its high-speed circulation speed makes it more efficient and environmentally friendly.


The main components of the Large Tanks, Pipes Sand Blasting Room systeminclude a large steel cylinder automatic towing wheel frame, sandblasting pot, scraper mechanical recovery device, and screw conveying device. Among them, the larger diameter of the steel cylinder is rotated by a tugboat to complete the rotation of the steel cylinder, and then the axial movement is completed manually or automatically to complete the full coverage sandblasting of the steel cylinder. The sandblasting device sprays sand particles onto the surface of the workpiece through compressed air, thereby achieving sandblasting treatment of the workpiece. The dust collector  system recovers the waste and dust generated during the sandblasting process, avoiding environmental pollution.

The advantages of Large Tanks, Pipes Sand Blasting Room: Firstly, it adopts a mechanical recycling method, which can more efficiently recycle waste and dust, avoiding the cumbersome and inconvenient manual recycling. Secondly, it adopts a large-diameter steel cylinder, which can accommodate more workpieces for sandblasting treatment, improving work efficiency. Finally, it adopts environmentally friendly sandblasting technology, which can reduce environmental pollution and better meet environmental requirements.


Application of Large Tanks, Pipes Sand Blasting Room: such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, mechanical equipment manufacturing, etc. In these industries, many workpieces require sandblasting treatment, and the mechanical recovery sandblasting room for sandblasting inside and  Large Tanks, Pipes Sand Blasting Room can more efficiently perform sandblasting treatment, improving work efficiency and environmental performance.

In summary, Large Tanks, Pipes Sand Blasting Room is an advanced sandblasting equipment with many advantages and broad application prospects. With the continuous development of industry and the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, Large Tanks, Pipes Sand Blasting Room will be more widely used and promoted.

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