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Testing of Continuous Tumble Belt Shot Blaster at our factory

The CT Continuous Tumble Belt Shot Blaster is currently being debugged in our factory and will be shipped to Europe after the Chinese New Year. 


CT Continuous Tumble Belt Shot Blaster at our factory is mainly used for surface rust removal and removal of burrs on small and medium-sized castings that are not afraid of collision. It is suitable for shot blasting treatment of return materials such as runners and risers in the production process of castings with large production volumes.

It can facilitate online work with the entire casting production line, and can also be used alone.

Continuous shot blasting cleaning technology has many obvious advantages, ensuring efficient and cost-effective shot blasting cleaning. The continuous shot blasting machine automates the production process and improves the working environment.

The unique design allows the CT shot blasting cleaning machine to be easily integrated into the production line. In a typical continuous production process, castings leave the molding line, pass through the cooling system and sand/casting separation system, and enter the shot blasting cleaning system without any manual operation or ground transportation.

Dust collector for CT Continuous Tumble Belt Shot Blaster 



Fully automated and continuous production processes.

Integrated cooling castings and sand.

During the shot blasting process, recover the molding sand and core sand through a magnetic separator.

Complete control and capture of dust throughout the entire production process from shot blasting to cleaning of castings, minimizing pollution

Clear arrangement of production process flow to improve production continuity.

Short transportation distance, no need for intermediate storage.

Reduce operating costs.

Minimum site area requirement.


Strong cleaning ability and short shot blasting processing time.

Carefully arrange the shot blasters of the machine to maximize the energy utilization of the shot material.

All workpiece surfaces are in complete contact with the shot blasting flow.

Automatic material flow control, automatic adjustment of optimal track loading capacity and shot material ejection rate, providing the best cleaning effect and minimizing equipment component and shot material wear.

Always maintain high levels of shot blasting cleaning performance, regardless of productivity fluctuations.

Easy to maintain.

Can be integrated into existing production lines.

Leading technology and excellent experience.

Adjustable inlet, outlet, and shot blasting chamber to meet different workpiece configurations.

Suitable for anti flip collision fragile castings.



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