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Pipes Inner Wall Sandblasting Machine

The pipes inner wall sandblasting machine designed by Evertech has a large pipe diameter and a small steel pipe shot blasting machine with a diameter of less than 600mm.

Model Type ETN
Price Negotiation
Rating 4.0 /5 based on 28 ratings and reviews
Operation Method Automatic
Brand name Evertech
Place of Origin Qingdao, China
Certification CE, ISO, UL
Process Continuous
Industry Medium/Heavy
Delivery Time Within 10 weeks

Product Description

Working principle 

-The pipes inner wall sandblasting machine designed by Evertech has a large pipe diameter and a small steel pipe shot blasting machine with a diameter of less than 600mm.

-Steel pipe inner surface sandblasting machine adopts automatic sandblasting removing surface rust, use of compressed air through efficient sand blower ejected high-speed projectile flow shatter steel beam on the surface of the scale, rust layer and sundry, to obtain fine bright surface, improve the tensile and compressive strength, increase adhesion for the coating on the inner surface protection, achieve anticorrosive, protection tube, prolong the service life of steel pipe.The finish and roughness of the workpiece surface after cleaning conform to the relevant standard.

Structure and composition

The steel pipe inner wall blasting machine is mainly composed of front and rear movable auxiliary chambers, left and right inner wall hydraulic movable shot blasters, belt conveyor type projectile conveying mechanism, bottom belt conveyor, hoist, maintenance platform, separator, dust removal system, inner wall shot blaster It consists of walking mechanism, steel pipe unloading mechanism, hydraulic system and electric control system.

Process flow

Pneumatic loading - automatic pipe bracket rises  - automatic pipe bracket in place down - steel pipe rotating bracket move to back seal chamber - front seal chamber moving - steel pipe rotation - dust colletcor on - abrasive recycle system on - sand blast cart moving - sand blast finished - sand blast cart exit c/w air blower - abrasive recycle system off - dust collector off -  rotation off - unloading automatic.


The sandblasting machine is suitable for continuous surface treatment on the inner surface of steel pipe before welding or painting. It is a special equipment for cleaning the inner wall of pipe. After shot peening treatment, a certain roughness of the smooth surface is obtained, increase the coating adhesion, improve the surface quality and anti-corrosion effect.


Key Parts Introduction

  • Sandblasting machine

    -The pressure sandblasting pot could contain high volume of abrasives which allows continuous abrasive flow.

    -Advanced imported abrasive controlling valve, air pressure valve and pneumatic switch compose the reliable pressure sandblasting system.

    -The abrasive flow can be easily controlled by regulators, not only saving the abrasive but also reach high sandblasting effect.

  • Belt conveyor of blast media

    Engineered to be reliable

    Motor drives the belt, conveying blast media to the bucket elevator for transfer to the abrasive cleaner. Angled rollers beneath the belt form a V-shape support to contain the abrasive on the belt. Abrasive drops off the belt into the bucket elevator hopper.

    Engineered to be durable

    Collection hoppers are constructed of rugged 10-gauge steel making them ideal for wear resistance and long life. For each run of hoppers, a heavy-duty, multi-ply, endless belt is powered by an electricmotor. The belt is fabricated to resist wear. The durable

  • Electrical control cabinet

    -Using Siemens PLC and touch screen

    -Using Delta or BEST converters

    -Use CHINT or Schneider brand low-voltage electrical components

    -Using shot blasting time controller

    -Using ADE aerodynamic components

    -Flow detection ammeter


    -1 set of special constant temperature air conditioning (optional)

  • Dust collector

    - Maximum dust emission < 1 mgr/m3

    - Easy replacement of cartridges

    - Continuous self-cleaning system

    - The fines are separated in the abrasive cleaner, which is adjustable to the different types and sizes of blast media. 


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