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Today roller conveyor type blasting machine is loading container and shipping

today the small roller conveyor type blasting machine is loading container and shipping. This type of roller blasting machine without foundaitn, is simple to install, and is easy to operate. It is mainly used to blast cleaning sheet metal, profiles, and steel pipes.


1. The blasting chamber with 4 units high-efficiency blast turbines,  positions are determined through three-dimensional dynamic simulation, covering the workpiece in all directions without any dead angle phenomenon.

2. The shot blasting machine using roller conveyor system to transport workpieces, continuous work, the work efficiency is high. The roller conveyor system is infinitely variable. According to user requirements, the conveyor speed can travel several meters per minute.

3. The core technology of centrifugal blast turbines, characterized by large ejection volume, curved blades, smooth operation, low maintenance failure rate, and good cleaning effect.

4. The design of the separator adopts American Panbang technology, with a full curtain flow curtain type pellet residue separator, and a separation rate of up to 99%.

5. PLC automatic control, where there is a fault, it will automatically alarm, with a high degree of automation.

6. The dust collector adopts a filter cartridge type three-level dust removal, and the dust emission meets the national standard.

7. The rust removal level should reach SA2.5 - Sa3.0.


Technical specifications of without foundation pit of roller conveyor shot blasting machine:

1. The opening size of the blasting chamber is 1500×500mm, which can clean metal workpieces such as steel plates, steel structures, and profiles.

2. Impeller diameter of shot blasting machine φ 380mm, Blast turbines motor power 11kw, 4 units, shot blasting capacity 200kg/min.

3. The power of the elevator is 4kw, the lifting capacity is 45 tons per hour, and the lifting belt speed is 1.2m/s.

4. The separator has a separation capacity of 45 tons per hour, the separation zone wind speed of 4-5 meters per minute.

5. The longitudinal and horizontal screw conveyor system conveying capacity is 45tons and power of 4kw and 3kw.

6. The initial loading capacity of steel plate around 2 tons, which is purchased by users themselves. Users can choose steel pellets with diameters of 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, etc. for cleaning steel plates and steel structures

7. With 12 filter cartridges are designed inside the dust collector, and the dust removal fan is equipped with a capacity of 11kw.

9. Noise ≤ 85dB, in compliance with GB12348-90 standard.



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