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What is a rotary table shot blasting machine?



Rotary table shot blasting machines are splitted into single rotary table shot blasting machine and swing table shot blasting machine. swing table shot blasting machine efficiency is much more higher than the single rotary table shot blasting machine. 

Shot blasting parts of various shapes and dimensions, casts, forged parts, pressed parts, steel and non-ferrous metal parts and parts made from fragile materials, cleaning surface, removing casting sand and filings, consolidating the surface (microhandling), roughing the surface before colouring, etc. They are especially suitable for use in small series and individual item production because of the low price, easy installation and discontinued operating process. 

Treated objects are loaded on a perforated rotating table. A big door, provide simple and fast loading. The machine can have the table fitted to the machine’s door, which enables loading with a hoist or fork-lift truck to the entire surface of the table. The machine also can equipped with two tables, enabling simultaneous shot blasting of treated objects inside the machine and loading or turning treated objects in front of the machine. 

The machine’s housing is robust and protected by wear-resistant materials. High efficiency of the machine is enabled by the system for continued returning and cleaning of the abrasive, along with efficient turbines made from wear-resistant materials. Standard equipment of larger machines includes: PLC Siemens, display, timer automatic or manual mode, automatic start-up of turbines, working-hours counter, etc. For shot blasting cast containing larger quantities of casting sand a magnetic sand cleaner may be installed.  

The main features of the rotary table shot blasting machine include:

1. Turntable design: The turntable design of the turntable shot blasting machine allows the workpiece to rotate around the central axis, allowing each workpiece to receive uniform shot blasting treatment.

2. High efficiency: Due to the high shot blasting speed and processing capacity of the rotary table shot blasting machine, it can process a large number of workpieces in a short time.

3. Easy operation: The operation of the rotary table shot blasting machine is relatively simple, just place the workpiece on the rotary table and start the machine.

4.Widely used: The rotary table shot blasting machine can be applied to various types and sizes of workpieces, including small parts and large and medium-sized parts.


How to repair and maintain the rotary table shot blasting machine

1. Users should repair and maintain the shot blasting machine on time based on its actual situation.

2. The pit where the shot blasting machine is installed should be kept clean to prevent the shot from rusting and clumping.

3. It is necessary to regularly check the screen of the shot blasting machine and clean the debris on the separator, as well as the dust inside the dust collector, to ensure the normal operation of the dust removal system of the shot blasting machine.

4. Regularly lubricate all components of the shot blasting machine according to regulations.

5. Check if each screen is damaged, replace it in a timely manner, and ensure that no tools, fasteners, etc. roll into the screw.

6. Check the wear of the lifting bucket and lifting belt of the shot blasting machine and replace them in a timely manner.

7. Do not pour unclean shot materials and debris into the cleaning room of the shot blasting machine.

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