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Container Blasting Room

With a standard range of containerised blasting rooms in 20 or 40ft, or the option of self-build packages, any size component can be catered for.

Model Type CBR
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Brand name Evertech
Place of Origin Qingdao, China
Certification CE, ISO, UL
Process Batch
Industry Light/Medium
Delivery Time Within 8 weeks

Product Description

Container blasting room

Evertech design and manufacture a complete range of standard and custom built blast cleaning rooms and enclosures.

With a standard range of containerised blasting rooms in 20 or 40ft, or the option of self-build packages, any size component can be catered for.

A wide selection of abrasive recovery floors and dust collection systems are available to suit any size room. Sweep in systems powered by compressed air are available off the shelf with built in abrasive cleaning and capacities of 2 or 4 tonnes per hour recovery rates.

Fully automatic floors with Scraper conveyers, bucket elevators, and storage hoppers can be supplied to customer specifications or customised in self-assembly kits with drawings.

Container blasting room fitted out with

-20' or 40' shipping container (modified)

-Container doors on one end

-Galvanized steel plate on floor

-LED lighting

-Shovel-in hopper, bucket elevator and air wash

-Abrasive storage hopper

-Sandblasting pot

-PPE for one operator

-Cartridge filters dust collector

-Electric control panel

-Rubber sheeting on walls

-Air inlet and air exhaust plenums for dust collection air

*full floor recover system is available as an option*


Suitable for a wide range of abrasive media including but not limited to

-Steel shot

-Steel grit

-Chilled iron

-Aluminium oxide

-Glass bead


Key Parts Introduction

  • Sandblasting pot

    -The pressure sandblasting pot could contain high volume of abrasives which allows continuous abrasive flow.

    -Advanced imported abrasive controlling valve, air pressure valve and pneumatic switch compose the reliable pressure sandblasting system.

    -The abrasive flow can be easily controlled by regulators, not only saving the abrasive but also reach high sandblasting effect.

  • Abrasive recovery system

    -Abrasive and other debris collected by the reclaim floor system arrives at the base of a mechanical bucket elevator where it is moved to the top of the abrasive recovery tower. At the top. the abrasives/debirs mixture is moved to the trash separation step.

    -Air wash/magnetic separator/abrasive hopper feeding abrasive blast pots with trash & undesized abrasive collection drums

  • Personal protective equipment

    -Air fed helmet

    This product uses just the strength of the ABS material, accord with national safety standards, ensure that breaking is not broken, avirulent insipidity, never fading and discoloration; With inlet guide groove, let the air flow uniform distribution around, the mainstream to the front of the picture frame, remove the breathing air,

    -Blasting suits, gloves and booths

    Can protect the individual body, especially the sand blasting operation, can resist the steel shot of bounce back pain and harm to human body

    -The temperature regulator

    Air temperature regulator to the filtered compressed air for energy, air currents into air conditioning and heat, ecology, clean type cold heat generator, air temperature controller structure is simple and reliable. After shearing can get temperature is moderate, the feeling is comfortable breathing air.

    -Tank Type Precision Filter

    Small size, high precision filter.

    High flow ability, low pressure loss.

  • Dust collector

    --Cartridge filters dust collector

    -99.99% efficiency filters down to particle size of .5 nicron.

    -Abrasive inlet plenums, fan

    -All required ductwork to tie the full system together

    -Exhaust fan silencer(if required)

    -Interlocked into the supplied cotrol panel


Evertech is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of auto shot blasting machine, airblast & wetblast machine, painting equipment. ···

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