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Dust Collector with Bag Filters

The dust-laden airflow enters the ash collecting hopper through the air duct, and part of the coarse particle dust falls into it by inertia. The remaining exhaust gas dust is filtered by the filter ba

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Product Description

The filter bags dust collector

The dust-laden airflow enters the ash collecting hopper through the air duct, and part of the coarse particle dust falls into it by inertia. The remaining exhaust gas dust is filtered by the filter bag and enters the upper box, and then is discharged into the atmosphere by the induced draft fan through the exhaust duct.

After the dust collector runs for a period of time, the dust layer collected on the outer surface of the cloth bag thickens, and the running resistance of the dust collector rises. When a certain value is increased, it is necessary to clean the cloth bag, that is, to remove the dust on the outer surface of the cloth bag through external force. The dust is removed. The entire dust removal process is mainly carried out by compressed air. When the resistance rises and dust removal is required, the controller opens the pulse valve through instructions, and the cloth bag deforms under the action of the compressed air, so that it can remove the dust attached to the outer surface of the cloth bag. purpose.

Features and benefits

-Adopt high-efficiency and low-consumption injection device to realize low-pressure, short-pulse injection, online dust removal, and improve dust removal intensity.

-Reasonable airflow organization, adopting downstream airflow and downstream filtering, so that the dust has the effect of cohesion and sedimentation at the same time in the filtering state, reducing the bag load and blowing frequency.

-The mouth of the filter bag is sealed with an elastic expansion ring, which has good tightness and is convenient for disassembly and assembly.

-The filter bag frame adopts resistance welding, and the appearance is smooth without welding marks, which solves the phenomenon of wear of the filter bag and the frame, and the filter bag has a long service life.

-The injection pipe is equipped with different short pipes according to different positions to ensure that each filter bag is evenly cleaned and prevents deviation and filter bag damage.

- Using "microporous membrane composite filter material", the dust removal efficiency is >99.9%, suitable for dust removal of high humidity dust-containing gas.

-Adopt pulse jet method of dust removal. It has the advantages of good dust removal effect, high purification efficiency, large processing gas volume, long filter bag life, small maintenance workload, safe and reliable operation, etc.

Key Parts Introduction

  • Filtering bags

    The filtering bags are made of circular knit polyester fabrics, providing them with excellent filtration efficiency. During the first few minutes of operation, the filtering bag must fill in its pores in order to perform correctly. Thus, it is normal to see dust escaping from the bags until the filtering media becomes tightly hermetic. Once the bag is completely sealed, this porous fabric can capture up to 99% of particles down to 5 microns or over.

  • Working Principle

    -Bag Dust Collector is a dry dust filter facility filtering dust-contained gas with adoption of fiber-fabric filtering effect.

    -After such dust-contained gas enters bag dust collector, dusts with large particles and large proportions will drop down and fall into ash bucket due to with gravity effect. 

    -After gases with fine dusts will pass through filter material, such dust will beretained for making them purified.

  • Pulse controller

    The pulse controller is the main control device of the pulse dust collector for blowing dust. Its output signal controls the electromagnetic pulse valve to clean the filters cyclically to ensure the processing capacity and dust collection efficiency of the dust collector.

    The pulse controller can modify the control parameters at any time and save when power off. Because the control parameters of the system have special protection measures, even in a particularly harsh environment, the control parameters can still be kept safe.

  • Pulse valve control

    The pulse-jet systems Cartridge Dust Collector is an aspirated cartridge, self-cleaning dust collector. Incoming air passes from the outside to the inside of the cartridges, enters the clean air plenum and exits through the clean air outlet. Cartridges are effectively cleaned by back flushing with airflow reversal that is induced by a short burst of compressed air to each cartridge sequentially. As a result, the unit continues to collect dust even as its filters are being cleaned.


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