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What is Retractable Mobile Paint Spray Booth

1.Design Basis

With the relevant technical requirements put forward by your company. Consider the production capacity, safety and energy consumption of the workshop, while ensuring the working environment, ensuring the quality of the painting and the production environment of the workers, and meeting the production needs of the workshop with minimum investment and energy consumption.


2.Design goals

The design principle is to meet the requirements of the paint production process, mainly from the working environment of the paint painter, the atmospheric emission standard, the reliable operation of the equipment, the convenient operation and maintenance, etc., to ensure that the exhaust gas concentration in the paint working area conforms to GBZ1. -2002 "Design Standards for Industrial Enterprises", atmospheric emissions comply with GB16297-1996 "Integrated Emission Standards for Air Pollutants"; strive to achieve structural design, equipment modeling, ventilation system design, assembly and installation facilities, fire safety, etc. The most advanced level of similar products at home and abroad.


3.Overview of the telescopic mobile paint booth 

Painting operation: Under the action of the exhaust fan, the painting working area will produce a certain section wind speed, which can effectively and effectively eliminate the paint mist generated by the painting, and ensure that the environment of the painter's operating area meets industrial hygiene standards.



Telescopic mobile front chamber: it is a semi-enclosed space composed of a frame main body, a flame-retardant PVC cloth (color is white and blue outside), lighting, etc., forming an effective place for painting work.

Control system: Start and stop at any position in the front room, automatic limit, lighting switch and control of running warning lights.

The control cabinet is an ordinary control cabinet, and the electrical components are famous brand components.

When the front room is running automatically, there are limit switches at the start and end points to ensure accurate and safe start and stop of the front room.


5. Retractable paint booth working principle

The whole mobile front chamber adopts multiple groups of movable frames connected by connecting rods in the shape of parallelogram. The upper and lower slide ways of the retractable connecting rods of the movable front chamber are supported by bearings. The front face of the front frame of the movable front chamber is sealed. The retractable front chamber drives the whole front chamber to move by retraction driven by the motor. The frames are sealed by flame-retardant PVC cloth to form an isolated and independent working space to avoid Workshop environment pollution during painting work


6.Retractable paint booth work flow chart

--Workpiece pretreatment      

--Telescopic front chamber contraction and closure

--Workpiece movement in place      

--Telescopic front chamber deployment

--Workpiece painting       

--Telescopic front chamber contraction and closure

--The workpiece removed from the work site


7. Features

Adapt to large and medium-sized workpieces;

The mobile front chamber can be automatically or manually telescoped to any position, saving the factory floor space!

The telescopic mobile front chamber is driven by a two-way reducer and a chain drive drive sprocket, and the travel mechanism adopts a safety limit to ensure the walking mechanism is safe and reliable;

Install explosion-proof lighting indoors before moving to ensure indoor lighting;

Since the telescopic mobile front chamber is a non-standard equipment, it can be designed according to the process.

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