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Personal Protection Equipment

Personal protection equipment

Air fed helmet

This product uses just the strength of the ABS material, accord with national safety standards, ensure that breaking is not broken, avirulent insipidity, never fading and discoloration; With inlet guide groove, let the air flow uniform distribution around, the mainstream to the front of the picture frame, remove the breathing air.


Protective clothing

Can protect the individual body, especially the sand blasting operation, can resist the steel shot of bounce back pain and harm to human body


The temperature regulator

Air temperature regulator to the filtered compressed air for energy, air currents into air conditioning and heat, ecology, clean type cold heat generator, air temperature controller structure is simple and reliable. After shearing can get temperature is moderate, the feeling is comfortable breathing air.


Tank Type Precision Filter

Small size, high precision filter.

High flow ability, low pressure loss.


Leather gloves

Protect operator from abrasive and rough material handing.




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