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Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine Will be Sent with Best Price

Best tumble belt shot blasting machine will be Sent to Vietnam


The small tumble belt shot blasting machine is mainly used for blasting small parts. Small parts can be placed in the blast chamber, the automatic rotation of the tumble drives the workpiece to rotate 360 degrees without dead corners.

Small track type shot blasting machine, shot blasting and dust removal integrated machine is used for sand cleaning, rust removal, and surface strengthening of small and medium-sized castings, forgings, stamping parts, non-ferrous metal castings, gears and springs. It has small volume, small footprint, simple installation, and reliable use, making it an ideal cleaning equipment.


What factors are related to the shot blasting effect of a tumble bet shot blasting machine?

1. Hardness of steel shot

When the hardness of steel shot is higher than that of the workpiece, it does not affect the shot blasting strength; When the hardness of steel shot is softer than that of the workpiece, the shot blasting strength also decreases.

2. Shot blasting speed of blasting turbine

When the shot blasting speed increases, the shot blasting strength also increases, but when the speed is too high, the amount of shot blasting damage increases.

3. Shot blasting angle

When the shot blasting jet is perpendicular to the surface to be sprayed, the shot blasting intensity is high, so it should generally be maintained in this state for shot blasting treatment. If it is necessary to use small angle shot peening due to the shape limitations of the parts, the shot peening size and speed should be appropriately increased.

Operation and precautions of small tumble belt shot blasting machine:

A. Equipment operation:

1. All operators of this machine must have a comprehensive understanding of the manual, as well as the working principle, performance, operating methods, lubrication, and other aspects of this machine, in order to carry out operations.

2. Add the stell shot into the drum, then put workpieces into the drum, close the door, and prepare to drive.

3. Start the dust collector. The fan starts working.

4. Start with the following buttons: elevator, drum forward rotation, blast tubine, and shot supply gate to start cleaning work. After cleaning is completed, close with the following buttons: shot supply gate,blast turbine, elevator, drum forward rotation, and dust removal fan.

5. After the shot blaster stops completely, open the feeding door and press the reverse button of the drum to automatically discharge the material.

6. In case of emergency, you can press the emergency stop button, the machine immediately all stop working.

7. After all the work is completed, the dust collector should be closed in time.

B. Precautions:

1. The dust in the dust collection box below the dust collector should be regularly cleaned to prevent clogging of the dust removal pipe and affecting the dust removal effect.

2. The bottom of the cleaning room and debris under the sieve in the separator funnel should be regularly cleaned.

3. Frequent cleaning of steel shot around equipment should be carried out to prevent slipping and injuring people.

4. Frequently check the tracks and elevator belts in the cleaning room for any deviation to avoid damaging the belts.

5. It is prohibited to open the feeding door when the shot blasting machine is not completely stopped to prevent accidents.

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